Custom Whiteboards


If the standard large whiteboards do not fit your particular needs you can always find custom made whiteboards. There are many manufacturers and retailers that will fit your specifications on edge material, surface material, portable or fixed equipment, installation, and size. Of course, many of these changes come with a resulting higher price.

In addition to changes dealing with the overall item, you can customize more areas:

  • Have printed graphics put directly onto the board
  • Enclosed portions such as headers and side posting areas
  • Order boards with no edges or frames
  • Have surface divided into calendar
  • Have surface divided for long term planning
  • Have surface divided for project management collaboration
  • Custom diagrams or images imprinted onto the board
  • Make rotating surface for presentations or displays
  • Put magnetic under-layer on first for use as magnetic whiteboard
  • Sliding sections to cover entire walls
  • Custom templates that slide on and off large scale boards
Custom Calendar Whiteboard

Custom Calendar Whiteboard

Edges can be custom manufactured to almost any specification. Although common edges are beveled steel or plastic there are many other types available. Edges made of wood, ornate metal borders, and different types of acrylic are often made.

If you are considering using a large custom size whiteboard you might also consider having it outfitted with a customized piece of tack-board, or “cork”, that can be used to keep physical copies of letters, paperwork, notices, and other items pinned in the area. This can be helpful in a business setting where some companies post legal notices, work requirements, and more, while using the whiteboard surface for the usual brainstorming, meeting notes, and other transitory information sharing.

Colors on both the customized area and the edge can be made to order. This can be beneficial when trying to make the custom made whiteboard fit into a certain environment or aesthetic. Of course, keeping the writing area a lighter color is recommended for easier use. Use of an off white color can be helpful as well for minimizing the appearance of “ghosting”, or stains that show up from dry erase marker ink being left on the surface for too long.

If you are going to have a custom logo, emblem, or graphic imprinted on the surface you will likely need a vector based image. Using a small image of standard size such as a jpeg or other format may result in sub standard quality when the image is enlarged to fit on large custom whiteboards. These formats can typically be made with standard software, or made by a contractor for a small fee.


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