Glass | Large Whiteboards

Magnetic Glass Large Whiteboard Board Set

This great large glass magnetic whiteboard fulfills a great niche - anyone that is looking for an ultra smooth surface on a larger than average scale, would like to be able to use magnetic attachments or would consider it in the future, and doesn't want to pay a lot of money for the high quality porcelain... Read More »

Portable Glass Large Whiteboard

Looking for a modern looking, portable, transparent large whiteboard? This MOI glass easel dry erase board is many great products rolled into one. It has a nice stylish look to it, solidly built components, and a glass dry erase surface that looks futuristic and allows for many types of applications. This glass whiteboard measures in... Read More »

Frosted Glass Dry Erase Board

The Board Dudes Frosted Glass Dry Erase Board is a 35″ by 23″ whiteboard that is made of frosted glass in an unenclosed format. What this means is that the board extends to the full dimensions – there is no “frame”. This gives the Board Dudes white board a unique and stylish presentation. There are... Read More »

Tempered Glass Ultra White 72″ Whiteboard

The Clarity TOO 72″ large whiteboard is an interesting alternative to your standard whiteboards. This particular version has a tempered glass dry erase surface that is backed by an ultra white background. The tempered glass give this whiteboard a surface that will not “ghost” over a very long time period and is very durable mechanically.... Read More »