Interactive | Large Whiteboards

Panasonic UB-T880W Interactive Large Whiteboard

The Panasonic UB-T880W is a large interactive whiteboard – large even by interactive board standards. The UB-T880W measures in at 83″! If you are looking for a solid interactive, or “smart” whiteboard for group use, brainstorming, office meetings, or any other reason, you should check out this great surface by Panasonic. The UB-T880W can be... Read More »

Panasonic Interactive Whiteboard UB-8325

A great electronic and interactive large whiteboard by Panasonic comes in the form of the UB-8325. This interactive whiteboard features an enormous 65.5″ whiteboard surface – more than enough for presentations, meetings, and brainstorming sessions. Adding a computer to this system and connecting it allows you to download information directly from the board for dissemination... Read More »

Numonics Large Interactive Whiteboard

The Numonics Intelliboard Interactive Whiteboard is a 77 inch, high quality, versatile, interactive whiteboard. With this interactive whiteboard you get a complete solution that is capable of connecting to your computer and being used as a presentation instrument, brainstorming area, learning tool, or any combination. The board is made from a highly damage resistant laminate... Read More »