Portable Whiteboard


A portable whiteboard can be useful in many situations where a large fixed position whiteboard will not work. Some common situations where a portable whiteboard can come in handy are:

  • Budget dictates one whiteboard that needs to be used in many areas
  • Multiple classroom use
  • Moving between different meeting rooms or conference rooms without a permanent whiteboard
  • In the home as a teaching tool or mobile notepad
  • Open office situations where meeting areas change
  • Performing presentations on the road or at a client’s location

If a portable whiteboard is what you think you will need there are several different types to choose from. Of course, the largest draw is that they are portable, but there are some options to consider:

Portable whiteboard easel

Portable Whiteboard Easel

Portable whiteboard on wheels

Portable Whiteboard On Wheels


Portable interactive whiteboard

Portable Interactive Whiteboard

If you are unlikely to need to move the whiteboard more than a few feet, then the portable whiteboard easel is a good option. These types offer mobility in the sense that they stand up on their own and can usually have their legs folded or at least removed to make them moveable by carrying or packing up into a container or vehicle. This is generally a good option for home use as well as smaller offices.

A portable whiteboard on wheels is a good choice when you will need to move more than a few feet – perhaps it will need to be moved down a long hallway or the surface itself is very large. This makes the actual moving very easy and certainly easy enough to be done by one person; with the easel types it can be difficult to move the larger boards with only one person.

On the more expensive end there are items such as a portable interactive whiteboard. These come in many different types and styles. The more commonly seen styles are whiteboards that have wheels, as the “interactive” portion tends to add weight, and some sort of input capture device. The input capture device might be a rotation surface that scans in what was written on the board and prints out a copy or emails it via network connectivity as a scanned file. Other types are able to “read” from the surface directly without the need to rotate or scan what was written or drawn and from there to again print or email a copy as needed. This type of equipment is mostly seen in businesses as the cost can be in the thousands of dollars.

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