Tempered Glass Ultra White 72″ Whiteboard

Tempered Glass Ultra White 72″ Whiteboard

The Clarity TOO 72″ large whiteboard is an interesting alternative to your standard whiteboards. This particular version has a tempered glass dry erase surface that is backed by an ultra white background.

The tempered glass give this whiteboard a surface that will not “ghost” over a very long time period and is very durable mechanically. Permanent markers can even be removed from a glass surface. Additionally, the use of a high quality ultra-white background gives this dry erase board a much “brighter” appearance that other traditional whiteboards that may be slightly off white and appear dimmer as time goes on and the board absorbs some of the dry erase markers material.

The high end design of the board is continued with a frameless look that incorporates aluminum, steel, and resin. This whiteboard is built to last!

The full dimensions of the Clarity TOO tempered glass whiteboard is 72″ by 36″ for a total surface area of 18 square feet. This board is large enough to serve as a general purpose white board and would look great in an office setting for presentations where a high end look can add to the appeal of the presentation. However, looks are not the entire picture – as mentioned earlier in the review the glass surface results in an extremely long lasting surface that will not ghost or have residual dry erase marks left even after leaving the marker on the surface for a long time.

The tempered glass does come at a higher price; something to consider if you are going to only be using this on an infrequent basis. If you do not a classy looking whiteboard or want a surface that will last well into the future, then this whiteboard may be the one for you.