Magnetic Dry Erase Board

Magnetic Dry Erase Board

A magnetic dry erase board has several advantages over a normal, everyday whiteboard. You can use the magnetic properties of the material placed under the dry erase surface to place many things on the surface of the board:

  • Magnetic strips to segment the dry erase board
  • Magnetic dry erase strips that can be written on and moved around
  • Simple magnetic “holders” to attach items to the dry erase board

Those are just a few of the ways that a magnetic dry erase board can be used in a different way that your regular whiteboard.

The Universal 72″ x 48″ is a large dry erase board with a magnetic subsurface, melamine whiteboard finish, and an aluminum frame. As with normal whiteboards, all dry erase markers can be used with this board. A marker tray runs the entire length making storage of markers and erasers simple and easy.

This large magnetic dry erase board is able to be used, and mounted, in both it’s horizontal and vertical configuration. The board is shipped with a clear plastic protective overcoat – remember to remove this prior to use. It can be difficult to see at times and if not removed will make the board look like it is not functioning correctly – it does not wipe off as well as the actual surface of the board.

These types of white boards make excellent calendars – the ability to have movable pieces makes tracking events from month to month and planning ahead of time very easy. Additionally, they also work well for kids and in the classroom. Telling stories using the boards is great and being able to put up a sheet next to you while writing can help many teachers.

As with any large whiteboard, proper care and maintenance will ensure that your magnetic dry erase board continues to function well for a long time to come.