Numonics Large Interactive Whiteboard

Numonics Large Interactive Whiteboard

The Numonics Intelliboard Interactive Whiteboard is a 77 inch, high quality, versatile, interactive whiteboard. With this interactive whiteboard you get a complete solution that is capable of connecting to your computer and being used as a presentation instrument, brainstorming area, learning tool, or any combination.

The board is made from a highly damage resistant laminate that makes this interactive whiteboard especially well suited for the classroom or other high use / high traffic areas. The Numonics Itelliboard also comes with a limited lifetime warranty to back up the claim of ruggedness.

Price: $1,393 whiteboard buy now

The Intelliboard uses an electronic pen, included with the board, to transmit where you are writing or pointing on the surface back to your computer. This allows you to take full control of your computer in order to conduct a lesson, give an interactive presentation, or even write notes, without having to go back to your computer.

The included software has several features:

  • clip art library
  • virtual whiteboard surface
  • RM Easiteach kit
  • several more features
For more specs and to find out more about the software, see the information at

The RM Easiteach kit is a full featured tool kit that can be easily integrated into teacher’s curriculum, enabling them to create and deliver engaging whole-class teaching that incorporates text, clipart, animations, video, Flash files, hyperlinks, databases and spreadsheets.

The virtual whiteboard surface is Numonic’s name for the combination of the whiteboard surface and the presented “screen” from the computer. The wide array of uses with this interactive whiteboard is truly impressive; you can easily bring up presentations or lessons from a previous stop point, download or show images and information from the web, annotate drawings and lectures, and save your notes or drawings that are written on the screen.

Both children and adults are known to learn and retain information more easily when taught in a visual and and auditory manner; use of the Numonics interactive whiteboard along with a normal spoken lesson plan can really help students learn. Additionally, employees are better able to retain information from presentations and brainstorming sessions when a visual aid is present.

Use of interactive whiteboards has seen an increase in the past few years as the prices become more affordable for small companies and schools. Although still more expensive than a traditional whiteboard, they offer a large upgrade in capability. Being able to really interact with the data and save the information for later or even for printing and distribution is a great opportunity that the Numonic’s Intelliboard does very well.