Panasonic Interactive Whiteboard UB-8325

Panasonic Interactive Whiteboard UB-8325

A great electronic and interactive large whiteboard by Panasonic comes in the form of the UB-8325. This interactive whiteboard features an enormous 65.5″ whiteboard surface – more than enough for presentations, meetings, and brainstorming sessions.

Adding a computer to this system and connecting it allows you to download information directly from the board for dissemination or storage. Imagine not having to take pictures or copy notes after a meeting! With a click of a button you can have all of the information at your fingertips and move on to something more important. Additionally, the Panasonic interactive whiteboard comes with an attached printer for direct printing from the board itself – a handy feature for when you need the notes or drawings right now.

Not only can you draw or write on top of the displayed images from your computer, but when the Panasonic board is put into “Projector Mode” you can actually control your computer from the whiteboard by making use of the included electronic pen.

The Panasonic UB-835 comes standard with the following:

  • Integrated Panasonic Printer
  • 2 Electronic Pen Holders
  • Interactive Marker Kit (grooves on markers tell the electronic pen holder what color is being used)
  • Interactive Eraser
  • Power cable
  • Getting started guide and manual

If you are interested in more information on this Panasonic interactive whiteboard, you can see the full specifications here.


panasonic interactive whiteboard in use


Overall, the Panasonic board is a great choice for a multi-use environment. The flexibility offered by the printer and an attached computer lets you accomplish your tasks however you see fit. The size is great and will be enough for the longest brainstorming session – if you start to run out of space, simply save or print and continue on!