Quartet DuraMax Porcelain Whiteboard 5 x 3 Feet

Quartet DuraMax Porcelain Whiteboard 5 x 3 Feet

The Quartet DuraMax porcelain whiteboard is a great large white board that comes in a variety of sizes in addition to the standard dimensions of 5 feet by 3 feet. Porcelain has a good reputation as a superior surface for whiteboards, although the higher quality does come at an additional cost. If you are looking for a large whiteboard that is going to see regular use then you should really consider a high quality porcelain surface.

What are you getting for your money when you buy the DuraMax porcelain whiteboard? You’ve probably heard of “ghosting”, the residual marks that dry erase markers can leave on whiteboard. This becomes much less of an issue with the higher quality surfaces such as porcelain – you can leave dry erase marker on the board for much longer and either erase it on the first try, or get rid of it completely with regular whiteboard cleaner. Of course, regular maintenance and cleaning can make your DuraMax whiteboard last for many, many years. Additionally, the porcelain surface makes the board more resistant to scratches and dents.

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The Quartet DuraMax dry erase board is also backed with a steel plate making this a versatile magnetic board. Not only can you use conventional dry erase markers and products on the board, but with the magnetic surface you can easily turn this board into a true media and communications hub with attached announcements, sectioned off areas, and more.

A pen tray is included in the cost and also comes with 4 high quality Quartet whiteboard markers. Included as well is an 2 corner attachment system for hanging the board on walls.

The Quartet DuraMax porcelain whiteboard makes a great surface for the home, office, or classroom. The porcelain board is extremely durable and easy to clean, it will easily last for several years. The added protection from the surface means that cleanup is easy and quick, and the high durability means that it won’t be scratched or marked as easily as some cheaper melamine white boards.

Additional sizes of the Quartet DuraMax are available: