Classroom Whiteboard, 4′ by 6′

Classroom Whiteboard, 4′ by 6′

The Quartet Classroom Whiteboard is a 4 foot by 6 foot large whiteboard that has a melamine front surface. This large dry erase board comes with an attached pen tray that runs the entire length of the board.

This whiteboard includes an attachment and hanging system as part of the price. The quick specs are shown below:

  • 4 feet by 6 feet
  • Melamine surface
  • Pen tray
  • Hanging and attachment system included

For full specs, click here.

The border of the whiteboard is wrapped in an attractive anodized aluminum for a long lasting and durable protection system. The large size of this whiteboard (24 square feet) guarantees that you will find many uses for it in the classroom, office, or at home. Brainstorming and collaboration will be easier and more effective with this size of a dry erase board.

As with many melamine surfaces you will want to get a small bottle of cleaning fluid and use it occasionally to keep from “ghosting” occurring on the surface. This phenomenon is common to nearly all whiteboard surfaces and can be fixed with regular cleaning and maintenance. Typical usage results in cleaning on a weekly basis. Doing so can extend the lifetime of your whiteboard considerably.

This Quartet 4′ by 6′ large format whiteboard comes with a 5 year surface guarantee.

The “plain” surface of this whiteboard gives you lots of options. Use it for brainstorming or conduction lessons, use tape or markers to section it off into a calendar or to-do list, make large flow charts, even use it for outlining presentations.



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